The Founders Warned Us About Some One Some Time...Could Be Right About Now.

"The disorders and miseries which result gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation on the ruins of public liberty.
It serves always to distract the public councils and feeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which find a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions.
It is important, likewise, that the habits of thinking in a free country should inspire caution in those entrusted with its administration to confine themselves with in their respective constitutional spheres, avoiding in the exercise of the powers of one department to encroach upon another. The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all departments in one and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism.
If in the opinion of the people the distribution or modification of the constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates. But let there be no change by usurpation; for though this, in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed."

George Washington’s Farewell Address


FLAHR in, the name of a gold coin first made in Florence in the 1200's. The name comes from the Latin word for flower. The florin bore the imprint of a lily on one side, and the figure of Saint John the Baptist on the other side. The first English florin was issued as a six-shilling gold coin in the reign of Edward III (1327-1377). A Silver English florin worth two shillings was first coined in 1849.
[The World Book Encyclopedia]
A USA Silver ten cent coin, bore the imprint of a lily on one side, and the figure of Franklin D. Roosevelt (USA Pres. 1933-1945) on the other side (Dime).

Dec 16, 2008

Supreme Court Clears Way For Pres. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Supreme Court denies request for Constitutional validation of Natural Citizen requirement.
A controversial birth certificate does not seem to be the Supreme Courts' IMPORTANT DUTY, to uphold the Constitution.

Click here for the Story.

Does the Supreme Court have a conscious? Helping a Dictator take control of our Countries' Military. Maybe not this time --but what about some other Candidate for the highest Office of the land?
If the People do not have Standing to argue this before the Supreme Court--WHO DOES?
The UN is voting on a resolution for the Islam Religion Protection, anyone who speaks against Islam will be arrested.
What if a Candidate is Islam- fakes a birth certificate, takes over the highest Office of the land, and control of the military, and declares Christian symbols offensive, and Christian Churches--must be BANNED!!!
Just a forward looking thought.

Sep 29, 2008

Bail Out? Or Florin People's Withdrawal

750Billion--is that all they want? Oh yeah, they are in the mood for the NEW AMERO!
Lets see--what could be next? How about their banks refusing CASH.
And then maybe, hummm, that's the ticket, private ownership of Gold--OUTLAWED!!!!
Does everyone know what is about to be in the mix for the 21st Century?
The same old play as the 20th Century.
"Give us the financial structure of the Nation, and we care not of their Laws".
Who is going to jail? For this is worthy of one of the greatest crimes of over throwing a nation, a nation's political authority/civil authority.
Co-Conspirators in the Congress-blocking bills for oversite, stalling for time, needed for this all, to fall in to place.
Campaign contributions, this must be what McCain was warning about with the need for McCain-Feingold. Only problem, McCain-Feingold did not stop the contributions that led up the ladder to the Committee meeting chair members.

Sep 17, 2008

Satellite Pic Galveston Before and After Ike

NOAA Satellite Images of Bolivar Peninsula, TX, east side of Galveston. Before and after Ike hit land with winds and a surge, a wall of water 20'. No Sea Wall for breaking waves 20'+. Satellite Image shows reference points; yellow arrows.




These are a few pics, more from The Hurricane Center.

Click for more pictures-- here.

Sep 2, 2008

10,000 + Supported Ron Paul in Minneapolis

Ten thousand, 320 paid to attend Ron Paul's, Rally For The Republic.
The official start of Ron Paul's political action group, Campaign For Liberty.
$17.76 per ticket. Some of the guest speakers included the former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, NBC's Tucker Carlson, Grover Norquist, and former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson.
Thousands watched on the World Wide Web. "Take Over the Net Tuesday".
A Thousand tickets were given away for free at the door.
See this interview with Ron Paul.

Aug 31, 2008


If you haven't seen this ---then you have to take a look!!



Not A Good Welcoming Committee For The RNC

This group of protesters from the Twin Cities area, have been headed off at the pass. The Sheriff of Ramsey County, the FBI, Hennepin County, and Minneapolis Police raided a building, and residential homes of these protesters.
Spikes for flattening tires of the buses, the delegates would be riding to the convention, blocking the bridges between ST. Paul and Minneapolis, were some of their plans.
Here is a video of the groups propaganda.

This act of violence by the police, may only be a hint of violence to come Monday and beyond, supposedly said by the group.
Is this a preemptive strike against free speech?
Did the Authorities have enough to head these protester off at the pass?

Aug 29, 2008

Mrs. Alaska

Enjoying Hunting and Fishing, Sarah Palin and husband Todd, have just hit the big time in the World's spotlight.

Miss Alaska Contest, prepared Sarah Palin for the job of representing Alaska on the World Stage. If winning, Miss Alaska, and then on to winning Miss USA, requires being prepared to represent THE USA on the World Stage.

And now, not only is she prepared, but experienced, as the Chief Executive of The State of Alaska.
Sarah Palin, Governor of the State of Alaska.
If she can run a small country, budget, meeting payroll, making Executive decisions, fighting corruption and crime, why not bring her experience to the Office of the Vice Presidency of the USA?
John McCain has 4 years ( if and when elected) for Mrs. Palin to learn to run 50 small countries, and territories.
Sarah Palin is now ready to represent THE USA on the World Stage.

Aug 22, 2008

When in Doubt ask the AG

Texas Senator, Dan Patrick has a bill to introduce. For the Law of Texas, Federal, hiring illegal aliens . Some companies are hiring undocumented illegal aliens, paying cash under the table, not requiring any documents, not withholding any taxes, not paying their fair share (keeping the profits under the table), under bidding companies who hire documented aliens. Not a level playing field for companies who try to obey the laws of the state, and or country.
The weird part is any one who tries to obey the law is hammered with racial remarks. A lawmaker who tries to do the job they were sent to Austin to do for their constituency, is labeled a raciest.
Senator Dan Patrick has decided to put the State's Attorney General in the mix, by seeking legal advice on what the new laws' language can or cannot have, referring to companies, continuing to operate, in a manner by breaking current laws of hiring, with out documents, and paying cash under the table to these illegal aliens, not withholding taxes, not filing the correct documents, to the correct agency.
Bankrupting companies who hire aliens with documents, withhold taxes, and provide a service to the local community, at a fair price. There has to be an enforcer. Some part of the law has to have teeth. In the Spot Light is now the State's Attorney General.
Other states have passed laws of this content. And now, tied up in courts.
Not wanting to wait for their states courts rulings, Texas State's Lawmaker, Senator Dan Patrick is seeking the correct language from the expert(s).
Good luck on that, Senator Dan Patrick.

Aug 18, 2008

Saddleback Debates- Obama vs. McCain

When Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, at the Saddleback debates, was asked about evil in the world, gave a Harvard debate team member answer.
When Presidential Candidate John McCain, was asked about evil in the world, gave a Presidential Candidate answer.
Barack Obama was asked, when life began. His answer was an attempt at a scientific structured answer. Which was above his pay grade.
John McCain was asked, when life began. His answer was a Humanist, Naturalist, and in the Laws of Nature structure.

Jul 23, 2008

Gas Mileage Drop After Price Increase

Is it me, or have anyone of you who drive as much as 100 miles a day noticed a drop in the gas mileage your vehicle is supposed to have?
I have some mechanic, knuckle scraping, wrench turning experience. My vehicle is maintained pretty good. So I Know that the mileage drop I am experiencing-not my vehicle.
Only since the Price Hike, has the drop been noticeable. Only with regular gas, which most of us can afford. After filling up with supper, a couple of times, things were back to normal- for the most part.
I noticed after using super gas, the less stops to refill.
Think about it. $4 a gallon, less miles per gallon, more refills.
Spend more for supper gas- and less refills. This a trick I have seen Casino Operators pull on the general public. You think you are paying for a good product, according to your life style, and or budget. If you spend more for a better product, most of the time you see a difference. It's all about the psychology of marketing.
Supper gas is not a very popular product. Games have to be played to in crease sales.
I have also noticed more engine knock (clatter) using regular gas after the Price Hike.
I have also been in the retail side of this for a long time as a young one. The 1970's gas shortages were such a joke. Lines down the street, around the corner. Causing tempers to flare. License Plate odd- even numbers determined who could buy, on what day. And what did the store managers want their employees to do? Push belt and hoses sales, and tires.
Don't these products require oil?
Plastic and other by products use more of a barrel of oil than does fuel-gasoline.
And then the biggest scam of all. Make vehicles lighter. Get rid of the big land yacht, trade for a vehicle made with less metal. Replace any part of the vehicle with what?
You should have guessed it. PLASTIC!!!!!
The biggest Scam of the century. Use more oil for plastic to make vehicles lighter, so less gas would be used. Gas mileage did not increase-vehicles were made lighter. More oil was being consumed. Just what the Government wanted- NOT THE OIL COMPANIES!!!! All thought you heard no complaints from them. More oil sales related products-- MORE TAXES COLLECTED!!!! Like I said before- the biggest SCAM in the 20TH Century.
IT'S BACK. BACK in the 21ST Century.

Jun 28, 2008

Sites You Might Like > Photo Shop TV Tutorials

Adobie Photo Shop is one complicated program. Want to know how a picture looks so good, when it is apparent that the lighting out side, just could not do a picture just?
Photo Shop comes with a manual as thick as an encyclopedia. Well not really. A disk. But still that disk is loaded with as much info. Then there are more books at the book store, each with a claim of even more tips and tricks, or a simpler explanation. We could spent a small fortune on books and more books.
Now that is no longer a scary thought.
Here is a good alternative. Photo Shop TV Tutorials on the internet. Shows are recorded for viewing with a click of your mouse. Past shows are archived. There is a wealth of tips and tricks for free from pros who work with Photo Shop.

Jun 27, 2008

Israel, Fairness Doctrine, and the 2nd Amendment

Laura Ingrahams' 2 videos are not duplicates. Although the 2nd does play part of the 1st.

They say: We do not have the right to keep and bear arms.
We say: We do have the right to keep and bear arms!
The Supreme Court agreed.
We are: The People To Keep And Bear Arms.
Although 4 Justices showed their colors, when it come to Honoring a Oath.

Jun 25, 2008

Sites You Might Like > Kim Komando

Kim Komando radio show is heard all across the country. Some stations stream on the web, the whole world may have heard of the "Digital Goddess". On the Komando web site are pages for tips, cool sites, and more. She authors books about computing, photography, all most any thing digital. Ever have to visit Microsofts' web site for help? The help article is probably written by-you guessed it, Kim. Her web site has all kinds of help articles, free app site links.
Real tough help stuff will cost you a subscription membership charge for access of techie info.
Call in to her show -7:00-10:00 am, Arz. time, Sat. (1-888-825-5254) with a good question that will be of help to a lot of people, and she may give the caller a printer, a camera, or some product manufactures give her. She may give a caller something that they are in dire need of. A lot of her books are given out. All be it, there is something written for free on her site that will be of help to most in need of some help; or a link to the right site of some other helpful computer techie.

Jun 24, 2008

Sites You Might Like > Portable Apps

I would like to tell about the portable apps site. This is good for every one. How would you like to surf the web on any computer, and not leave any traces where you've been? Perfect for a trip to the library, or your own laptop sitting at a coffee shop using their wi-fi. That's right up there with safe surfing. Using a USB thumb drive, flash drive, or micro card.
There are options: download and install portable apps suite. An assortment of preselected apps, which is a good selection. Download and install the basics, then pick and choose just the apps you like. Either choice gives you a browser, anti-virus, note pad, even open office, and more than I want to get into here.
Best of all They Are Free!
You need to buy a good 4gb drive or card, and download your hearts content. When you use this gadget , just plug it in, select that drive and surf. When you are through, shut it down as instructions for the drive explains, remove the drive-all your history is in your hand, not on the computer! Now, you won't fool the Feds! But any nosy busy bodies will not have a clue where you've been.
There is a risk of being on wi-fi no doubt. That goes without saying anything to a seasoned surfer who knows about risk over wi-fi.