The Founders Warned Us About Some One Some Time...Could Be Right About Now.

"The disorders and miseries which result gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation on the ruins of public liberty.
It serves always to distract the public councils and feeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which find a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions.
It is important, likewise, that the habits of thinking in a free country should inspire caution in those entrusted with its administration to confine themselves with in their respective constitutional spheres, avoiding in the exercise of the powers of one department to encroach upon another. The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all departments in one and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism.
If in the opinion of the people the distribution or modification of the constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates. But let there be no change by usurpation; for though this, in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed."

George Washington’s Farewell Address


FLAHR in, the name of a gold coin first made in Florence in the 1200's. The name comes from the Latin word for flower. The florin bore the imprint of a lily on one side, and the figure of Saint John the Baptist on the other side. The first English florin was issued as a six-shilling gold coin in the reign of Edward III (1327-1377). A Silver English florin worth two shillings was first coined in 1849.
[The World Book Encyclopedia]
A USA Silver ten cent coin, bore the imprint of a lily on one side, and the figure of Franklin D. Roosevelt (USA Pres. 1933-1945) on the other side (Dime).

Dec 21, 2010


The Senate is expected to ratify the treaty some time on Wednesday in what would be the latest in a string of legislative victories for President Obama after his party was soundly beaten in the midterm elections last month.
The Senate on Tuesday voted to limit debate on ratification of a major arms control accord with Russia, setting the stage for a final vote on the so-called START treaty.

Nov 22, 2010


 A Texas Elementary School Promotes ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT
A Mothers Plea: If you could post about this, I would appreciate it. Feel free to copy and paste my comments:
 I have a situation and I would appreciate your help, IF you have the time. My son's school did a play last night and it was promoting a one world government. My son has the teacher that was in charge of the play and if I make a big deal about it, she could punish my 8 yr old son and lower his grade due to my actions.
It was called "World of Champions" and it ended with the kids singing John Lennon's "Imagine" song. 5 countries/continents were featured: USA, China, Mexico, Africa and The Philippines. As you can see in this picture that I took, 4 flags are featured behind the stage. Oddly, the American Flag was missing. I couldn't find it anywhere in the gym. The program was done the night before the kids got out for Thanksgiving. You would expect it to be a "Thanksgiving" play, but that was never mentioned.
The first thing we noticed when walking into the gym was the communist hammer and sickle on the star in the Chinese flag. It is hard to see in this photo, but it is there. We looked up the flag and did not find the hammer and sickle on the current Chinese flag. Why that was added and the American flag was missing really bothers me. I think this is a big deal as do some other parents last night. I am hoping maybe you could help me bring light to this.

 Click Here for PHOTO

School Information:
Longbranch Elementary School, Midlothian, Ellis County, Texas, USA
Kelly Madden Principal 
Cari Nix Asst. Principal 
Dewey LePori Secretary 
Longbranch Elementary
6631 FM 1387Midlothian, TX 76065
P: 972-775-2830 F: 972-775-2024

H/T > American Perspective = (MAINFO.BLOGSPOT.COM)

Nov 18, 2010


A powerful Democratic senator, pointing the finger at cable news for a politically toxic climate in Washington, unleashed a stunning tirade in which he expressed his desire to see the Federal Communication Commission shut down Fox News and MSNBC.
"There's a little bug inside of me which wants to get the FCC to say to Fox and MSNBC, OUT. OFF. END. GOODBYE."
"It would be a big favor to political discourse; to our ability to do our work here in Congress; and to the American people, to be able to talk with each other and have some faith in their government and, more importantly, in their future," said the chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce , Science, and Transportation.
Read more:
West Virginia Senator Jay Rock e feller, don't know that Cable ain't regulated by the FCC.
BUT, It don't matter with these Kooks; they are tired of losing; and the American People are too dumb to know what politics is all about, and what this (POST) Constitutional Government is all about.
Yea-right. Keep on dreaming, Kooks.

 And then there is this!
"I like socialists. They're all great people."
-- Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) confessing to Roll Call that he has privately referred to President Obama as a socialist since the 2008 campaign.
Read more:
WHAT will come out of these Gated Community Castle Dwellers mouths next?
And they are worried about The Peoples' Right to Free Speech?


Nov 2, 2010

Delaware Republican Senate Nominee Christine O’Donnell, Thanks To Karl Rove, Lost Key Senate Seat!

Conservative Christine O’Donnell carried the tea party voters. She bested the bearded Marxist with independents. But, she did not carry enough REPUBLICANS to win in Delaware tonight.
What an absolute shame.  So says Gateway Pundit...
Does anyone feel like William Wallace when he found out Robert De Bruce was working for the other side?
Karl Rove would not let the Republicans help Christine O'Donnell win a KEY Senate Seat!
O'Donnell would have been sworn in this November, being the 51st Republican Senate Vote to BLOCK any attempt of a Lame Duck Session.
Can you say GOOD BYE 401k, IRA, and Pension? The DemocRats will send the Bill to the President to sign into law that will give your retirement funds to the UNIONS. Can you live on $600 a mo.? That is all your retirement funds will be worth after the UNIONS take their part.
And who knows what else the House has sent to the Senate for Passage.
What a Shame. What A Shame.

Nov 1, 2010

Love Yahueh With All Your Heart.

Oct 10, 2010

Islam In America -8- Part Video; A Must See. Expained Like No One Else Can.

Please Please take the time to see these video's!
Lie about everything-including their religion; they will say they are of your religion just to live among you until they have their numbers populated to over take the community, and set their own laws in affect- including the State Legislature; and or the Federal-Both House's of Congress and or the Highest Office in the Land!

You can see these Videos at the Site of Barking Spider who lives in the U.K.

H/T > Barking Spider      Click Here

Time For The Englishman To Be A Englishman - Time For The American To Be A American.

We were never asked-they just took !

H/T > Carol's Blog

Sep 28, 2010

Buying Gold As A Hedge Has Been Melted Down Around You. Thanks To The Health Care Bill! We Have To Pass IT To See What's In IT- They Say!

Thomas Sowell, National Review Online.
One of the many slick tricks of the Obama administration was to insert a provision in the massive Obamacare legislation regulating people who sell gold. .This had nothing to do with medical care but everything to do with sneaking in an extension of the government’s power over gold, in a bill too big for most people to read
Gold has long been a source of frustration for politicians who want to extend their power over the economy.
When the amount of money the government can print is limited by how much gold the government has, politicians cannot pay off a massive national debt by just printing more money and repaying the owners of government bonds with dollars that are cheaper than the dollars with which the bonds were bought. In other words, politicians cannot cheat people as easily.
But what is clear is that the Obama administration sees people’s freedom to buy and sell gold as something that can limit what the government can do.
Freedom in general cramps the government’s style.
But, at every turn, they find the freedoms granted by the Constitution of the United States hampering the Left’s agenda of imposing their superior wisdom and virtue on the rest of us.
Sneaking a provision on gold purchases and sales into massive legislation that is supposedly about medical care is just one of the many cynical tricks used to circumvent the public’s right to know how they are being governed.     
( More... )

Sep 27, 2010

Muslim Take Over of The U K. Watch This Video And Vote Carefully For Those You Trust.

Press The Play Button To Start Video

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Sep 20, 2010

We Should Push For A Constitutional Amendment That Makes Sharia Law Illegal In The USA. Are You American Enough To Agree?

 This is a comment made to the Kid's post: Open Letter to Imam Abdul Rauf.

Now you know why (as if you didn't) there was such a number of events (Some so hart tugging). The push after such a long time of trying to condition the people to get away from the idea of having a gun. We were supposed to have been unarmed by now. It was supposed to be easy to take over the infidels. Now they have to use the mind game technique.
I don't believe they have a chance-once we all get on the same page.
Bill O'Riley interviewed a Imam; and the Imam said that he was "working for a society we want".
Bill O'Riley, should have said, We already have the society we want-we were here first! 

The Constitution, ain't all we have- The Bill of Rights-untouchable by any Government; by The World Court, The U.N., The U.S. Government; and especially Islam! 

You can't kill the Bill of Rights-They are here Not Reachable by any tricksters.

The Kid's comment:

We should push for a constitutional amendment that makes Sharia law illegal in the USA.

Totally illegal.

All the framework is there throughout the constitution, let's just put this on in plain sight.

Read the Kid's Blog. HERE...

Aug 25, 2010

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton To Fund, With U.S. Tax Dollars, Flip These Old Mosque. Paid Imam To Run Around The World Telling How To Funnel U.S. Tax Dollars Back - to Build Ground Zero Victory Mosque. Want To Bet--Dumb Cowboy?

This year, the Obama administration will spend nearly $6 million to restore 63 historic and cultural sites, including mosques and minarets, in 55 nations, according to State Department documents.
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the U.S. program to restore Islamic and other cultural sites abroad is money well spent.

With the paid Imam running around the world telling how to funnel the U.S. Tax Dollars back to the U.S. to build the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero. Want to bet-Dumb Cowboy?

H/T = Carol's Blog

Aug 17, 2010

Now They Want To Dismantle The Marines!

Pres. Clinton's study of the Marines, annalists says: " Marines Too Macho"  

No wonder Sec. Gates wants to resign after this speech about cutting the Marines

Watch whole speech  HERE

Jul 23, 2010


Is this the part that has everyone upset?
(SB1070 subsection G)

Argument from the opposition: Tax Payers will have to pay for all the Law Suits.

Read S.B. 1070 > HERE  
This is a PDF

Jul 11, 2010

Google Outs Members Of Congress With Sensitive Committee Info, Broadcasting On Unsecure Personal Wi-Fi Networks!

Google Street View accused of Congress 'snooping',  

including some involved in national security issues! 

In a statement, Google wrote "as we've said before, it was a mistake for us to include code in our software that collected payload data, but we believe we did nothing illegal. We're continuing to work with relevant authorities to answer their questions and concerns".

"We think the Google Wi-Spy effort is one of the biggest wire tapping scandals in US history," John Simpson of Consumer Watchdog told BBC News.

Consumer Watchdog wants Congress to hold hearings on the issue and ensure that Google boss Mr Schmidt be made to testify under oath.
The search giant said the snippets could include parts of an email, text, photograph, or even the website someone might be viewing. 

This practice is often described as "drive-by spying" and is favoured by criminals who trawl the streets to find houses or businesses using unencrypted wifi, so they can steal financial information. 
The Consumer Watchdog group conducted an experiment to highlight the vulnerability some users expose themselves to by retracing the same routes, used by Street View cars, to detect unencrypted or open networks
Consumer Watchdog focused on a number of high profile politicians whose homes appear on Google's Street View maps.
It found that Congresswoman Jane Harman, who heads the intelligence sub committee for the House's Homeland Security Committee, has an open home network that could have leaked out vital information that could have been picked up by Street View vehicles.
Included is the home of Congressman Henry Waxman, chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, which has jurisdiction over internet issues.
"Our purpose was to show that members of Congress are targets just as much as every other citizen in the land" said Mr Simpson. 
 (DUH-Do You Think?)
  The Computer & Communications Industry Association, CCIA, said the tactics used by Consumer Watchdog left a lot to be desired.
"What Consumer Watchdog did was not a useful contribution to what could and should be a broader online privacy debate," said CCIA president Ed Black.
"They detected unsecured wifi networks that anyone, including neighbours, can pick up. It proves nothing about what, if anything, a person or company like Google might have done to intercept and record data." 

These reckless actions by Members of Congress, Committee Members, should cost them their Seats! 

What are these Elected Officials doing BROADCASTING 

national security issues, or any sensitive issues,


 H/T > Drudge,


Jul 7, 2010

Unemployment Bill Fails-The Real Reason For The High Unemployment Numbers

This is how Obama Skate Boards to The U.S. Senate then onto the White House with the help of Franklin Raines and Acorn!

See this at :2:10-:2:13 Barney says the Fed. Gov. Doesn't bail out Fannie and Freddie!

DemocRats circle the wagons afraid of fall out from Community Reinvestment ACT

 See this at :2:97-:3:12, Cuomo, Bubba's Housing & Urban Development Secretary in 1998 Says There WILL be a high default number for mortgages!

Here it is folks-the DemocRats want us to be  poor and destitute, dependent upon the  Federal Government!

Jul 4, 2010

Pete Stark Offers Some Insight To The People; What The Democrats Think Of The American People. He Ask - The Minute Men: Who Are You Going To Kill Today?

Can you believe This Member of Congress Demeanor towards the People?

These are the type of Democrats we need in Washington?

Hat/Tip > Info Wars . Com

Jul 1, 2010

11 Spies For Russia Detected In 2010. Could One Have Been Vice President In 1941, And Another A U.S. State Dept. Official? Could One Be Undected As A Nominee For The Supreme Court In 2010?

11 people assigned a decade or more to illegally infiltrate American society had been arrested. They are accused of using fake names and claims of U.S. citizenship to burrow into U.S. society and ferret out intelligence as Russian "illegals"-spies operating without diplomatic cover. 
Most of the suspects were accused of using fake names and claims of U.S. citizenship while really being Russian. It was unclear how and where they were recruited, but court papers say the operation goes back as far as the 1990s.
Two of the 10 defendants describing their main mission as "to search and develop ties in policymaking circles in US." Intercepted messages showed they were asked to learn about a wide range of topics, including nuclear weapons, U.S. arms control positions, Iran, White House rumors, CIA leadership turnover, the last presidential election, Congress and the political parties.
Moscow wanted reports that "should reflect approaches and ideas of" four unnamed sub-Cabinet U.S. foreign policy officials.
Russia probably has about 50 deep-cover couples -and maybe even up to 60 of them -spying inside the United States. Ex-double agent said that, based on his experience in Russian intelligence, "there's usually 40 to 50 couples, all illegal." 
Could they try and plant someone on the Bench of the Supreme Court? 
U.S. Sec. Henry A. Wallace, Dept. of Agricultural; 
Henry A. Wallace, Vice President of the U.S.; 
U.S. Sec. Henry A. Wallace, Dept. of Commerce; 
Henry A. Wallace, possible agent of Russia.
Alger Hiss, U.S. State Dept. Official, possible agent of Russia.


Jun 24, 2010

Mexico Gun Bust-Not From Gun Shows. Military Weapons, Uniforms, And Police Uniforms. Look At These Graphic Pictures.

This is a email I received. 
The reporter who wrote and took the pictures must have needed anonymity.  "It appears they are getting ready to wage war, to me.
A PRIME example of why we MUST support our neighbors in Arizona, and bolster the Texan border. 
This was a Zetas camp (a Mexican cartel w/ Guatemalan ties) that was found near Higueras, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.
The "state" of Nuevo Laredo borders the Rio Grande, and this town is a little over 100 miles away from Laredo, TX.
The Mexican army found makeshift camp in Higueras, where they encountered a massive arsenal.

At least 25 suspects managed to get away.

They found 12 trucks/SUVs under a shaded canopy.

The vehicles contained military & police issue accessories.

Its estimated that they found around 200 rifles, and 30 pistols.
 They also found grenade and rocket launchers.

There were over 300 magazines and uniforms.

They also found a box of 60 grenades.

Thank God for the border patrol that this did not come over the border. There is one "graphic picture" but it tells the story. 
It's not racist, and it's not xenophobic. I hope we won't have to lament or wonder just how many of the illegal aliens legalized (synonymous with rewarded) under the latest attempt to legislate away the millions who have spit on our laws, are MS-13, Zetas, cartel members, and other scum that would be "legal". There are many Hispanic men and women that I both love and respect that understand and support Arizona and any citizen's desire to keep our country a safe place to live and raise our children and grandchildren. It's not racist, and it's not xenophobic. I hope we can ignore and recognize the majority of the naysayers for the photo-op, attention-loving clowns they are, and start coming together as  AMERICANS that want what's best for AMERICA"!

Jun 23, 2010

Law Suit To Determine-Unalienable Rights OR Government Granted Rights!

On June 14, the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) filed its brief in resistance  to FDA’s motion to dismiss. “FDA made some pretty incredible arguments in their motion to dismiss,” said Fund President Pete Kennedy. “Our research shows that this nation has a long history of consuming raw dairy products and that FDA’s prohibition against taking raw dairy for human consumption across state lines runs counter to that national history,” stated Kennedy.
See videos below
FTCLDF filed a lawsuit earlier this year to overturn the federal ban that prohibits raw milk for human consumption in interstate commerce. The lawsuit claims that the federal regulations (21 CFR 1240.61 and 21 CFR 131.110) are unconstitutional and outside of FDA’s statutory authority as applied to FTCLDF’s members and the individual plaintiffs named in the suit.
See videos below
Contrary to FDA’s claims, the Fund argues in its brief that everybody has the right to travel across state lines with raw dairy products in their possession, that everybody has the right to consume the foods of their choice, that parents have the right to feed their children the foods of their choice, and that everybody has the right to be responsible for their own health.
See videos below
“We believe we are breaking new ground in this case,” said the Fund’s General Counsel Gary Cox, “yet in a way, we are really asking the Court to expressly recognize what our Founding Fathers implied in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution.” 

FDA's Views on Freedom of Choice

Here are some of FDA's views expressed in its response on 'freedom of food choice' in general and on the right to obtain and consume raw milk in particular:

"Plaintiffs' assertion of a new 'fundamental right' to produce, obtain, and consume unpasteurized milk lacks any support in law." [p. 4]

"It is within HHS's authority . . . to institute an intrastate ban [on unpasteurized milk] as well." [p. 6]

"Plaintiffs' assertion of a new 'fundamental right' under substantive due process to produce, obtain, and consume unpasteurized milk lacks any support in law." [p.17]

"There is no absolute right to consume or feed children any particular food." [p. 25]

"There is no 'deeply rooted' historical tradition of unfettered access to foods of all kinds." [p. 26]
See videos below
Click here to read FDA's brief   this a PDF

Click here to sign support HR 778 Now petition!

Click to read Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund-- RAW MILK
See Videos Below

So, The FDA Does Not Need A Warrant For Search And Seizure?

H/T to  World Net Daily

Jun 22, 2010

Did This Really Happen In Dearborn Michigan? Police Arrest People For being Christian At Arab Festival!

"Officers arrested four Christian missionaries and illegally confiscated their video cameras which were recording the events surrounding their arrests," said a statement today from the Thomas More Law Center of Ann Arbor, Mich.
Who can believe that this will happen in your town?

 These 2 videos from 2009.
 And another video from the opposition. See this one.

 H/T to  > World Net Daily

Jun 20, 2010

H.R. 5175 Disclosure ACT

The DISCLOSE legislation was introduced in response to the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that unexpectedly upheld the Constitution and free speech. President Obama and special interest groups along with liberals wanted to curb the effects of that Supreme Court decision, so Rep. Christopher Van Hollen (D-Md.) who called the Supreme Court’s ruling “radical,” and 114 cosponsors acquiesced by introducing H.R. 5175. 
  • Schumer was very clear that DISCLOSE was carefully crafted to “embarrass companies [inclined to get involved in the fall elections] out of exercising those rights,” according to Kim Strassel in the Wall Street Journal. “The bill will make companies ‘think twice’, [Schumer] rejoiced. ‘The deterrent effect should not be underestimated.’ ” Even though the bill is considered by many to be unconstitutional, the Democrats’ “goal here isn’t lasting legislation. The goal is to have this [law] in place for this election, when Democrats are at a low point, and when an empowered union base and a silenced corporate presence could make the difference between keeping the House and losing it.”  
The bill would require all groups, corporations, advocacy and lobbying groups, unions, etc., to reveal donations used to support political campaigns. “The top five donors to a group underwritten by corporate or labor money would have to be listed on the screen,” of TV ads explained CQ Today. In addition chief executives would have to appear at the end of political TV advertisements that are funded by their organizations.

The details of the deal the NRA carved out for itself were revealed by the Washington Post: The proposal would exempt organizations that have more than 1 million members, have been in existence for more than 10 years, have members in all 50 states and raise 15 percent or less of their funds from corporations. Democrats say the new language would apply to only the NRA, since no other organization would qualify under these specific provisions. The NRA, with 4 million members, will not actively oppose the DISCLOSE Act, according to Democratic sources.
  • Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.) who normally supports gun rights, said he was satisfied with the new language. Cosponsor Walter Jones (R. N.C.) who didn’t know the details as of Tuesday evening said he would support the bill anyway.
  • Rep. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had another opinion though: “If there is one thing Americans loathe about Washington, it’s the back-room dealing to win the vote of organizations with power and influence at the expense of everyone else. Taxpayers are still fuming over a health care process where their money was thrown around like a high roller in a hotel lobby to win last-minute votes, and now the same back-room dealing is being repeated with their freedom of speech.” 
  • This is nothing more than a special deal for the NRA, negotiated behind closed doors, without transparency or public input,” said Jeff Patch, communications director for the Center for Competitive Politics, a free speech advocacy group. He noted that the bill would put a financial strain on small grass-roots organizations with limited resources to comply with “onerous” disclosure requirements, literally taking them out of the political game.
It’s really disturbing that an organization that is supposedly dedicated to ensuring Second Amendment rights for all wouldn’t be just as concerned about helping to ensure First Amendment rights for everyone as well. Instead they are willing to muzzle themselves regarding this DISCLOSE bill and help this onerous legislation snuff out free speech for the little guys as long as they have their own exemption. But one cannot help wondering if there will be more ramifications down the road; will strings be pulled and the NRA made to dance to a new political tune or be muzzled on other pieces of legislation? Certainly their credibility is now greatly in question with this cavalier politics-as-usual attitude.

Regardless of the NRA’s private exemption, H.R. 5175 should be opposed by all who value free speech

Regulating the raising and spending of money on political campaigning is not the government’s job. In fact, such a thing is unconstitutional. As Jack Kenny wrote earlier this year, "[C]orporations are made up of people who have constitutionally-protected rights. Nothing in the Constitution suggests that people lose their right to free speech when joined together in a corporation. And though money is not speech, it is a medium of exchange used to pay for many things, including newsprint and printing presses, TV cameras, microphones, and broadcast towers, as well as advertising." Will the government soon be limiting what publishers and media outlets can spend on their own privately owned businesses that produce newspapers, magazines, or TV broadcasts?
  • A member of the NRA’s Board of Directors, Cleta Mitchell, wrote in the Washington Post, that:    For its part, the NRA — on whose board of directors I serve — rather than holding steadfastly to its historic principles of defending the Constitution and continuing its noble fight against government regulation of political speech instead opted for a political deal borne of self-interest in exchange for "neutrality" from the legislation's requirements. In doing so, the NRA has, sadly, affirmed the notion held by congressional Democrats (and some Republicans), liberal activists, the media establishment and, at least for now, a minority on the Supreme Court that First Amendment protections are subject to negotiation. The Second Amendment surely cannot be far behind… This is not just “disclosure.”  It is a scheme hatched by political insiders to eradicate disfavored speech. There is no room under the First Amendment for Congress to make deals on political speech, whether with the NRA or anyone else.
In it’s defense, the NRA’s statement was revealing: “The NRA has consistently and strongly opposed any effort to restrict the rights of our four million members to speak and have their voices heard on behalf of gun owners nationwide… We refuse to let this congress impose [the bill’s] unconstitutional restrictions on our Association… There are those who say the NRA should put the Second Amendment at risk of a First Amendment principle. That’s easy to say unless you have a sworn duty to protect the Second Amendment above all else, as we do.” 

See Raven Clabough's article in The New American magazine, “NRA Trades First Amendment Rights for Second Amendment Rights," for further information about the DISCLOSE Act. 

On June 17, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she was pulling the bill from the floor vote scheduled for the next day due to lack of support.

Read more ...

More reading...

Jun 12, 2010

Pelosi And Reid Cancels Your Insurance-Unintended Consequences?

Insurance-what Insurance?
Read This-->Insurance for the part-time employees Canceled!

Obama Meets With Az. Gov. Brewer

 "My experience is when you talk to a guy like B.P.'s CEO, he's going to say all the right things to me," Obama said. "I'm not interested in words. I'm interested in actions."

Jan Brewer, Arizona governor said Thursday she got few other results from her meeting with the commander-in-chief, including any details about where 1,200 National Guard troops will be deployed along the U.S.-Mexico border. Brewer met with Obama to discuss the state's new law clamping down on illegal immigrants that the White House opposes.

Governor Brewer could have said,  My experience is when you talk to a guy like Pres.Obama, he's going to say all the things he wants to do (Immigration Reform), not necessarily all the right things to me. I'm not interested in words. I'm interested in actions. 

Jun 11, 2010

Alvin Greene (D) S.C., If Elected, Should Feel Right At Home.

COLUMBIA, S.C. A day after an unemployed veteran charged with a felony shocked South Carolina's Democratic establishment by winning the U.S. Senate primary, party officials were still scratching their heads: What happened?
Alvin Greene, 32, didn't raise any money. He didn't have a website. And his opponent was a relatively better-known former legislator, Vic Rawl, who was already preparing for the general election.
Greene was considered such a long shot that his opponent and media didn't even bother to check his background. If they had, they would have discovered he faces a felony obscenity charge after an alleged encounter with a college student last fall.
After The Associated Press reported Greene's charge Wednesday, the leader of the state Democratic party said she asked Greene to withdraw from the race.
"I did not do this lightly, as I believe strongly that the Democratic voters of this state have the right to select our nominee," Fowler said. "But this new information about Mr. Greene ... would certainly have affected the decisions of many of those voters."

South Carolina state law prohibits convicted felons from serving in state office. Felons can serve in federal office, although the U.S. House or Senate could vote to expel any member deemed unfit to serve.
Rawl said he didn't know about Greene's arrest until reading media reports about it.
"It's an absolute surprise," Rawl said. "I can't really make any comments, because I don't know what's going on."

But Greene said that he will not step aside.

Read More  > Huffington Post

Lets see;
William Jefferson (D-La.) 2007
James Traficant, (D-Ohio) 2001
Mel Reynolds (D-Ill.) 1995
Walter R. Tucker III (D-Calif.) 1995
Dan Rostenkowski (D-Ill.) 1994
Carroll Hubbard (D-Ky) 1994
Larry Smith (D-Fla) 1993
Albert Bustamante (D-Texas) 1993
Nick Mavroules (D-Mass.) 1992
Floyd H. Flake (D-N.Y.) 1991
Robert Garcia (D-N.Y.) 11-21-88
John W. Jenrette Jr. (D-S.C.) 7/15/80
Raymond R. Lederer (D-S.C.) 5/18/80
Claude Leach (D-La.) 7/20/79
The list is to long to continue.

Chris Dodd
Barney Frank
Charles Rangel
Timothy Geithner
William Jefferson Clinton 
Hillary Clinton
and again-to many to list.

Alvin Greene-If Elected, should feel right at home.

Democrats For The Little Guy-NOT INSIDE THE BELTWAY! Alvin Greene For U.S. Senate S.C.; To Poor-For The Democratic Party.

The candidate, a 32-year-old unemployed black Army veteran named Alvin Greene, walked into the state Democratic Party headquarters in March with a personal check for $10,400. He said he wanted to become South Carolina’s U.S. senator.
Needless to say, Democratic Party Chairwoman Carol Fowler was a bit surprised.
Fowler had never met Greene before, she says, and the party isn’t in the habit of taking personal checks from candidates filing for office. She told Greene that he’d have to start a campaign account if he wanted to run. She asked him if he thought it was the best way to invest more than $10,000 if he was unemployed.
Greene says he decided to run for the United States Senate two years ago when he was serving in Korea.  
As for the $10,400 he used to get on the ballot, Greene says it was money he’d made from being a soldier.
“That was my personal pay,” he says. “Money out of my pocket.”

 Several hours later, Greene came back with a campaign check. The party accepted it, and Greene became an official candidate for the U.S. Senate. He was eager to have his picture put on the party’s website to show he had filed, says state Democratic Party executive director Jay Parmley.
Parmley says he finds the whole thing odd.
He says running for any other office in the state would cost much less money. “If you’re going to file for something and not do anything, why waste $10,000?”

Greene, however, remains optimistic.
Asked if he thought it was a good investment to spend so much of his own money in a two-way Democratic primary to run against a popular Republican with millions in campaign cash, Greene replied: “Rather than just save the $10,000 and just go and buy gasoline with it, just take [it] and just be unemployed for [an] even longer period of time, I mean, that wouldn’t make any sense, um, just, um, but, uh, yes, uh … lowering these gas prices … that will create jobs, too. Anything that will lower the gasoline prices. Offshore drilling, the energy package, all that.”

“It’s sad to see an unemployed veteran be so na├»ve as to believe that using his savings to file for office is the best use of his money,” Fowler says.

 To Poor for the Democrats inside the Beltway.

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Jun 4, 2010

A New Experience/Experiment. Madison Writes...

The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.
I proceed to inquire whether the federal government or the State governments will have the advantage with regard to the predilection and support of the people. Notwithstanding the different modes in which they are appointed, we must consider both of them as substantially dependent on the great body of the citizens of the United Sates. I assume this position here as it respects the first, reserving the proofs for another place. The federal and State governments are in fact but different agents and trustees of the people, constituted with different powers and designed for different purposes.
It was, nevertheless, invariably found, after the transient enthusiasm for the early Congress was over, that the attention and attachment of the people were turned anew to their own particular governments; that the federal council was at no time the idol of popular favor; and that opposition to proposed enlargements of its powers and importance was the side usually taken by the men who wished to build their political consequence on the prepossessions of their fellow-citizens.
If, therefore, as has been elsewhere remarked, the people should in future become more partial to the federal than to the State governments, the change can only result from such manifest and irresistible proofs of a better administration as will overcome all their antecedent propensities. And in that case, the people ought not surely to be precluded from giving most of their confidence where they may discover it to be most due; but even in that case the State governments could have little to apprehend, because it is only within a certain sphere that the federal power can, in the nature of things, be advantageously administered.
The remaining points on which I propose to compare the federal and State governments are the disposition and the faculty they may respectively possess to resist and frustrate the measures of each other.
From the Federalist Papers 45,46

Jun 1, 2010

Sexual Harassment Charge Of U.N. Diplomat; Petitioned To U.S. Supreme Court. Top U. N. Officials Above The Law?

Cynthia Brzak filed the petition-stemming from a December 2003 incident implicating ex-UNHCR chief Ruud Lubbers.
He was never charged in the case thanks to the diplomatic immunity granted to top UN officials.
The infamous affair, and frenzied media coverage surrounding it, eventually prompted Lubbers to quit his post in February 2005, four years after he took office. He has long denied the allegations.
The lawyers noted that the case was not an isolated one, in terms of sexual misconduct among UN agencies,and pointed to a "systematic array of sexual misconduct that continues to go unaddressed at the UN."
"My client, an American citizen, experienced criminal behavior that would land any other employer in jail. But at the UN, it's just another day at the office," said attorney Edward Flaherty.
"Because of where she happens to work, her assailant is beyond the law. The question being placed today before the Supreme Court is whether this system should be allowed to stand in the United States, where no one is supposed to be above the law."
The Supreme Court is unlikely to rule on the matter before this fall if it accepts to take up the case. It would mark the first time the high court intervenes on the question of diplomatic immunity granted to top UN officials.
Read more  HERE...

May 23, 2010

$$$$Flying The Speaker's New Jet Plane To California And Back To D.C.$$$$

 Queen Pelosi wasn't happy with the small C-20B Gulfstream III jet that comes with the Speaker's job... OH NO! Queen Pelosi was aggravated that this 'little' jet had to stop to refuel, so she ordered a big fat, 200-seat, USAF C-32, Boeing 757 jet that could get her back to California without stopping! 
I understand that a former Speaker of the House,  Newt Gingrich, flew commercial most of the time.
Many, many legislators walked by and grinned with glee as Joe informed everyone of what Queen Nancy's big fat jet costs us, the hard working American tax payers, literally thousands of gallons of fuel every week.
Since she only works 3 days a week, this gas guzzling jet gets fueled and she flies home to California every Friday and returns every Monday, at a cost to the taxpayers (YOU and ME are those taxpayers!) of about $60,000, one way!
As Joe put it... "Unfortunately we have to pay to bring her back on Monday and that costs us another $60,000!" Taxpayers, that is $480,000 per month and that is an annual cost to us of $5,760,000!
No wonder she complains about the cost of this war... it might cramp her style and she is styling on my back and yours. I think of the military families in this country doing without and this woman, who heads up the most corrupt Congress in the history of our country, keeps fueling that jet while doing nothing.
Queen Pelosi wants you and me to conserve our carbon footprint. She wants us to buy smaller cars and Obama wants us to get a bicycle pump and air up our tires. Who do these people think they are? Their motto is...Don't do as I do... JUST DO AS I SAY!
This is outrageous... forward it to all those on your email list! 
Keep in mind the figures above do NOT include the cost of plane ... just the fuel! One has to wonder what the total package costs us?
And on top of that... now she wants to tax our IRA's & 401k's!
Not to mention the carbon footprint of this woman who supports the climate change hoax!
And the Democrats talk about Sarah's dresses?

May 16, 2010

DAVID Cameron accused Labour predecessors of going on a “crazy” last-ditch spending binge!

Extravagant last gestures of the fading Gordon Brown regime was a bonus bonanza for fat cat civil service bosses.
Speaking in his first television interview since becoming Prime Minister last week, Mr Cameron said around £15million was being handed to three-quarters of Whitehall senior civil servants in annual bonuses this year.
“I mean, giving something like 75 per cent of senior civil servants bonuses after everything that’s happened in the current year. Frankly that’s not a fiscal stimulus – it’s a crazy thing to do.”
He said: “We’re going to take action to stop the very bad ­decisions that were taken in the dying days of the last Labour ­government.
“They had planned an enormous range of bonuses for civil servants. Now we can’t stop them in respect of the year that has passed, but for the future we’re going to severely restrict them, cut them by something like two- thirds.”
Senior Tories have long feared that Mr Brown was carrying out a “scorched earth policy” designed to lay waste to the public finances, leaving a mess for his successors.

Express. CO. UK.

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May 3, 2010

Day 1, Oil Slick Containment - Who Is Slacking? Who Is Leaving Out The Facts?

Oil Spill Reality Check;
Some One Doesn't Want To...

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Guardian Environmental Technologies

Read More @ Red State - Oil Spill Reality Check

May 2, 2010

New World Order-Finaniciers To Take Over.

The President of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, told Forbes that global governance is extremely necessary if we want to prevent another financial crisis. In his prepared printed and spoken remarks to the Council on Foreign Relations, Trichet emphasized that politicians, economists, and financiers must work across the Atlantic and collaborate on methods to create an international set of standards.

More from Forbes ...

Apr 24, 2010

Islam To Become Dominant In America. Says CAIR.

A statement by CAIR's co-founder, Omar Ahmad:
Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.

And CAIR's disregard for American freedoms is even less surprising considering that the U.S. Attorney General's Office and the FBI identified it "as a Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas front group."
Freedom to offend the delicate sensibilities of Muslim terrorists is not that easy to come by these days. Witness the censorship of a South Park Episode 201 mentioning a certain supposedly forbidden name that, interestingly enough, is found frequently enough in news reports listing the names of terrorists.
As the Law Center pointed out: Americans have a right to know the truth. Islam is a religion of intolerance and violence. [emphasis TMLC]

If you mention that view out loud, though, you won't be allowed to speak at a National Day of Prayer event at the Pentagon. In which case, you will be in good company, such as that of Reverend Franklin Graham, son of Evangelist Billy Graham, the spiritual advisor of many U.S. Presidents. One of Franklin Graham's "offensive" statements:
When you look at what the religion does to women and women alone, it is just horrid. So I speak out for women, I speak out for people who live under Islam who are enslaved under Islam and want them to know that they can be free.
Attorney David Yerushalmi, a Sharia law expert, joined forces with Robert Muise of the Thomas More Law Center to defend the First Amendment rights of two Americans to purchase bus ads that offer help to refugees from Islam. According to the Law Center:
It was the first time help was publicly offered to people threatened under Islam’s death penalty for leaving Islam. The ads on Miami-Dade buses stated, “Fatwa on your head?  Is your family or community threatening you?  Leaving Islam?  Got questions?  Get Answers!”
The ten ads, which covered the sides of buses in Miami, were removed within hours of a complaint by CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) that "the ads were 'offensive to Muslims'" and promoted "bigotry." The ads had been contracted from Miami-Dade County Transit Authority and paid for by compassionate, courageous patriot-bloggers, The Freedom Defense Initiative and SIOA. .
Quick action by the law offices changed minds at the Transit Authority, which quickly reinstituted the original ten ads and then threw in twenty more.
Richard Thompson, President of the Law Center, pointed out:
It’s a bitter irony that American blood is being shed in Iraq and Afghanistan to defend their Islamic Constitutions, while Islamic organizations right here in America are attempting to squelch the constitutional rights to Free Speech of American citizens.

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